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Caring for your Aquarium Reef

Getting your reef to live in an environment as close as the natural environment it came from could be a challenge. There are many things you must consider before creating the ideal living conditions for the survival of the ecosystem. The most important task you must overcome is the chemical balance of the water and the nutrition you will provide. So, let us focus on foundation elements, calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity.

Foundation Elements

Calcium & Alkalinity

Calcium is one of the essential elements in a reef aquarium. Corals and other invertebrates need calcium to grow and remain healthy. So, you must regularly test for it and replenish when necessary. It is best to test the calcium levels every two weeks or better yet, every week. At the same time measure the alkalinity. If the test result shows an increase in calcium, the more likely the alkalinity will drop.

Types of Calcium Products

You will come across many brands of calcium and in two forms, powder or liquid. Regardless if you use the liquid or power, the result will be the same. The cost will vary by quantity and if you prefer to stock up, then get a size that you will have for some time. Here are some calcium products you can choose from to maintain your reef aquarium.


Magnesium has its importance like calcium in a reef aquarium. It is used by corals for metabolic functions to stay healthy and grow. For plants, when magnesium is low, they will sag. Most plants have a crispness to them. For corals, they will lose their color. Adding magnesium may not be necessary in some cases since salt mix already contain it. However, you may need to after a water change. There are a variety of magnesium supplements on the market. You can use brands like MECoral, B-Ionic, and Seachem.

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