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The Three Types of Saltwater Aquariums

If you are new to saltwater aquariums and want to know more before starting one, this blog is right up to your alley. The best thing for you is to know what is available to you and how you can have it for a long time. The saltwater aquarium hobby can become expensive if you are not well informed about what you want or ready to start. So, there are three types of saltwater aquariums: fish only, fish with live rock, and coral reef.

Fish Only Saltwater Aquarium

The fish only saltwater aquarium is just what is says, fish only. The fish only type may seem to be the easiest to maintain, but it is not. You are likely to encounter more problems fish only, and this type requires more maintenance than the other two categories. The fish only aquarium is not a good start for beginners.

One of the difficulties you will come across is the lack of biological filtration. The fish produce waste and nitrifying bacteria help to break the waist down. So, without the biological filtration, you must continuously maintain the aquarium by changing the water more frequently. When compared with the other two types, the fish only aquarium is the cheapest.

If you prefer to go with the fish only aquarium, there are three types: community, aggressive, and non-reef safe. Community tanks will have species of fish that can get along. Aggressive, however, will have predators of different species. Non-reef safe is fish that eats or nibble on coral; for that reason, they are not placed in coral reef aquariums.

Fish Only With Live Rock Saltwater Aquarium

A fish only with live rock will help to eliminate some of the issues you will come across with a fish only aquarium. The live rock, which is not alive, has marine organisms and bacteria living on the surface. These marine organisms and bacteria produce the best biological filtration for saltwater aquariums.

With the presence of the biological filtration, maintaining the aquarium is not done as often as the fish only aquarium. However, the cost is a bit more because to the live rock if compared with the fish only aquarium. Like the fish only tank, there are three types of fish only with live rock tanks. The types are the same: community, aggressive, and non-reef safe, and they are similar to the kind of fish in each house. Fish only with live rock is best for someone just starting a saltwater aquarium.

Reef Saltwater Aquarium

The reef aquarium is the complete aquarium among the three types of saltwater aquariums. It is an enclosed ecosystem with each marine organism serving a purpose and mutually benefiting from each other. Reef aquarium requires a lot to have an equal balance; therefore, it is the most expensive of the three. The reef requires high water quality, good aquarium lighting, and most importantly great filtration (biological, mechanical, and chemical).

Reef saltwater aquarium is not for beginners since it requires careful maintenance. The cost can be expensive, and it is not recommended for someone new to aquariums. There are two types of coral reef aquariums: community and aggressive. Having a community environment is great when you have a nano reef with fish that can get along. However, aggressive is likely to flourish in a larger tank where the fish has space to move around. In the end, this is the most beautiful to look at but the most costly.

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